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LIUZHOU Guangxi Specialty LuoSiFen (Hot Spicy Flavor Noodles) 315g

by LUOBAWANG  |  Sold and Shipped by YAMIBUY
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Brand Origin : China

Net Wt. : 315 g

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Item Details

Brand : LUOBAWANG Made in : China Organic : Not Organic Net Content : 315g Brand Origin : China
LIUZHOU Guangxi Specialty Luo Shi Fen (literally means Rice Noodles in Snail Soup), a famous traditional Chinese specialty. It is widely known for its special tastes. The soup tastes sour, spicy, peppery, and refreshing at the same time. The noodles are especially chewy. Prepared together with materials such as sour bamboo shoots, agarics, and dried peanuts. You will be drenched in sweat after eating but you won't stop eating because of its addictive aftertaste of fresh unique tasting soup!
Soak the dried rice noodles into cold water for 1 hour OR cook it in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Set the noodles aside. Add 350ml of water into the pot. Add all the add-ons (except peanuts and fried tofu skin). Wait for it to boil. Add the noodles and cook thoroughly. Add fried tofu skin, peanuts, and chili oil according to personal preference and then ENJOY!
Contains: Wheat, Rice, Peanut Oil, Peanut, Sesame Oil, Soybean
Maybe extremely spicy based on personal level.

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